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         OUR MISSION

Dance Fusion is a studio where every dancer has the chance to grow in confidence, overcome fears, and most importantly find the love of dance within their hearts. Dance is always a FUN EXPERIENCE in our classes!!

We pride ourselves on the development of young individuals to express their emotions through dance. The staff & instructors are to serve a purpose in making enthusiastic dancers dreams come true. With the years of dance experience and heart, we only want to go the extra length to ensure the success of our studio and its dancers


Dance Fusion has many different styles to offer its dancers and parents. We have an environment of FUN, but also a focus on learning and a positive atmosphere. We strive on having a honest and open environment between dancers, their families, and our entire Dance Fusion staff & instructors. We offer dance classes which include HIP HOP, JAZZ,  BALLET, LYRICAL, CONTEMPORARY, MUSICAL THEATRE, ZUMBA, AND TECHNIQUE for ages 3 years old and up. The end of the year "The Grande Recital" is a showcase of all the many talented dancers who have been dedicated, positive, and produced 110% hard work throughout the dance year. We open the show to all Dance Fusion families to share in their dancer's accomplishments. Dance Fusion has a competition team which dances and performs in many statewide competitions. Every dancer has the chance to be on the competition team. We have auditions every June and attend dance conventions and/or Nationals during the summer months. We provide every opportunity for all our dancers to attend summer conventions. The enjoyment and experience of these conventions will expand the dancers ability and its fun to learn from different choreographers from around the World.

Our competitive groups have been awarded with many regional & national awards. Our dancers have been invited to dance among the best dancers in New York City, awarded money & other prizes for showstopping performances, and have learned from the world's best choreographers. Mostly recently awarded 4th & 5th place at Showbiz Dance  Nationals  2021.

Join the Experience of being a Dance Fusion Dancer 


2021-2022 Fall Dance Season

*Classes begin week of  September 7th

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