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Dance Fusion has a variety of styles and classes. We teach Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Technique, Prep Steps, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Acro, and Adult Zumba classes. Our classes are mostly during the evening hours & on the weekdays (Mondays through Fridays). Saturday classes are available for the dancers & parents who can't make it during the week. We accept children from 9months old and up to enroll at Dance Fusion. All classes are grouped together by age, and years of experience. We offer competition classes, and recreational classes. We host special events throughout the year such as holiday parades, visiting nursing homes, host chili dinners, pancakes breakfasts, dancing during the halftime at UofL games, and helping the parents by offering fundraisers too!! We strive to keep involved with the community.

Prep Steps

This class is a combination class for the beginner dancer. Usually ages 2.5yr old through 5 yr old. The class includes Ballet elements and Tap elements. It is a 45 minute class ( 20mins. of each style with approximately five minute interval to change shoes). Dancers will learn basics and beginning fundamentals of dance such as listening, focus, learning, and memory. The dance steps are very basic & repetitive. Parents are encouraged to watch through our viewing windows & join class every once in a while.

SHOES REQUIRED for this dance class: pink full sole ballet shoes & black u-shell strap tap 

Hip Hop

This is a popular dance class, its dancing style is primarily associated with break dancing. Hip Hop has a wide definition, mainly classified as pop & lock or more aggressive forms. It's a performance to urban music and steps include upright, jumpy, popping, and posing into floor tricks. The loose dance movements does need great commitment to the style. The more fun you have dancing, the better it looks as a style. This class is a 30 - 45 minute dance class for ages 3yr olds & up. We have classes available for beginners through advanced level.

SHOES REQUIRED for this dance class: dance sneakers  


This type of dance can be performed with fast or slow music combined with dramatic moves such as twists, kicks, turns, and rolls. Jazz dance includes many elements from ballet and theatre. It helps dancers with flexibility, quick movements, accurate feet, power for lifts, leaps, and steps across the floor. Most of our jazz classes are combined with tap or lyrical. These classes are usually for 5 yr olds & up from beginner to advanced. The class time is a one hour practice time (30mins of each dance style).

SHOES REQUIRED for this dance class: tan slip on jazz shoe or pirouettes


The most fun class!!! Tap dancing is a form of dance in which a tapping sound is made when the metal plates on the dancer's shoes touch a hard surface. This type of dance is primarily using the legs and learning rhythm. Its very discipline and uses many elements from ballet. Tap steps include shuffles, flaps, cramp rolls, maxi fords, pullbacks, wings, stomps, etc. All these basic steps are often combined together to create new steps. Most of these classes are combined with ballet or jazz classes. Anyone child can join the class.

SHOES REQUIRED for this class: u-shell strap tap or tie-up tap shoes


This class is truly the foundation of all dance. It teaches self discipline, correct body placement, strength, and gracefulness. With good fundamentals, balance, and focus; such as turns as pirouette, pica', chanae', along with develope', jete' leaps are achievable. Making a good dancer grow & shape into a great performer. This dance class is 45minutes which include barre work and floor exercises. All dancers are encouraged to attend ballet classes. For the beginner dancer, ballet is part of their combination classes.

SHOES REQUIRED for this class: Ballet shoes (any color), barefoot, pirouettes

Contemporary & Lyrical

These two styles of dance have been exploding into the dance world these last few years. We are offering Lyrical classes for those who enjoy ballet based dance movement with a little more fluidity to them. Our contemporary class is for those who are more open to modern and forming shapes, becoming fearless, and give overly the top creativity in step arrangement. Allowing the music to form a story or explore our passion for something through movement.

SHOES REQUIRED for this class: bare feet or pirouettes 


This class is all about gymnastics skills and learning tricks for other styles of dance. We provided 3 levels of training: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Classes are designed to stretch, condition and strengthen the muscles for gymnastics. all skills are taught by age, level and ability. The best part of Acro class is showcasing your skills at the end of the year recital. All classes are held on cheer mats and additional mats are used to help provide help through the learning process of each skill.

SHOES REQUIRED for this class: bare feet only 


This class is our most informative class. We pride ourselves on teaching each dancer about the body & how it moves into these great positions which we call dance. Technique is a breakdown of all movement in dance. Learning to articulate the feet & hands, holding your center, strength of the arms, and overall the discipline to control the entire body. This class is closely networked with ballet. Both are the concrete to all of dance and styles. Without technique, dancers could not grow or be challenged. All dancers are encouraged to attend this ballet class and jazz class. Its great for beginners through advance dancers. We explore many different steps & how to control the body.

SHOES REQUIRED for this class: ballet shoes (any color), pirouettes


We have classes on Tuesday & Thursday at Dance Fusion!! We are providing classes for the adults to exercise and find balance in life. Our classes consist of Cardio, Latin & free movement. All classes will be available to join at anytime during the year. The classes are approximately 45 minutes each. Bring your friends & family members who want to sweat and enjoy the workout!!

SHOES REQUIRED for this class: tennis shoes


Summer Dance/ Camps

*Starts in June/ July 

YEAR 18 Dance Recital 

May 19 - Memorial Auditorium

2023 Spring Into Dance 

*Starts week of March 20th 

2023 Winter Dance 

*Starts Week of Jan 9th

2022-2023 Fall Dance Season

*Starts week of September 7th

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